List of products by brand PLAY UP

We are not indifferent to the climate crisis that our planet faces. In Play Up we believe that it is possible to meet the current needs of our society, without compromising the future of generations. We are committed to counteracting the frenetic pace of industrial production and we are focused on becoming, step by step, an ecological brand...

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle requires time, study and many transformations in the production processes. Convinced that this is the path we want to follow, we begin our change project by opting for natural, organic and recycled fibers. With the evolution of the collections, we declare our preference for simplicity of forms and techniques open, opting for natural tones, simple shapes and manual prints. In the Spring-Summer 2020 collection we can guarantee that all raw materials used are made of natural fibers.
Most of the accessories and raw materials we use in our garments are certified by Standard 100, by Oeko-Tex, Class I, which means that they are free of dangerous substances and suitable for contact with children's skin.

We are trying to reduce our waste and opt for reusable packaging whenever possible. In addition, the support elements of our collection, such as catalogs or posters, are made with recycled and recyclable materials. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint and we want to influence our clients to take conscious measures in their daily lives. In this sense, our clothes are accompanied by some suggestions that help preserve them and take care of our planet.

We do not focus only on the production cycle of our garments. Aware of the important social aspect of sustainability, we are also concerned with social responsibility, seeking to ensure that our entire production chain follows good fair trade practices.
We work with an extensive network of suppliers, always giving priority to relationships with local partners. We strive to provide good working conditions for our employees and do not forget the fundamental role that each one plays in the final result of our collections.