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We are kemono

We are going to tell you who and what is KEMONOCONCEPT ...

KemonoConcept is born of illusion and affection, affection for things well done and especially made with Love!
We are two sisters and moms, who have wanted to create a space in Madrid, where they can offer you carefully selected products, products that talk about their manufacturers and that their brands continuously seek to establish love for the little ones, joining efforts to design, create and get, that everything that surrounds us, is not damaged, starting with the environment and ending with what we love most ... OUR SMALL.
We want not only to fall in love with clothes and accessories for the little ones of the house, but also, to get close to the best professionals, to photography sessions (the ones you will never forget), educational workshops and toys and games so the development of those Little bestiecillas, and do not find a second of boredom either at home or outside it.

• Quality and respect for the environment.
• Materials of the highest quality, not forgetting the "BIO / ECO" side
• Designs and finishes that, until now, you might not have been able to discover near you.
• Chemistry-free organic tissues, always protecting them.

The team!

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